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    Why Christianity?


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    Why Christianity? Empty Why Christianity?

    Post  Rachel on Sun May 27, 2012 9:44 am

    This is just some thoughts on why Christianity over any other religion. It came up as a general question asked at a youth camp I was at recently, "Why Jesus?". This is just expanding on my quick 30-second answer.

    _Why Christianity?_

    This question is best summed up by something my parents told me when I was small. I’d asked them, “What makes what we believe so different from what everyone else does?” I was raised a Christian, but as a child, I was exposed to many other religions. In kindergarten, my best friend was a Hindu. Throughout primary school, being a Christian was the exception – I was surrounded by people from all sorts of faiths, from atheism to Islam to Buddhism. So what’s so different about Christianity?

    The answer my father gave when I asked the question as a small child was, “All the other religions are about man seeking God. Christianity is about God seeking man.”

    I’ve found that this is quite true. So many other religions are about people trying to be perfect, or to be good enough for God to let them into Heaven. There are all sorts of requirements they need to fulfil, all sorts of things they need to do, most of which are completely useless, and quite impossible.

    Humans are sinners by nature. There’s not much we can do about this – it’s just the way it is. We can try not to sin, try to do our best, but in the end, our best just isn’t good enough. There’s no way we could get into Heaven by our own works, let alone get God to love us!

    That’s what makes Christianity so special. Where so many other religions worship a god who is standoffish, arrogant, and demanding, our God loves us so much that he turned himself into a human and died horribly just so that there was a way we could live with him in eternity! How wonderful is that?

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    Why Christianity? Empty Re: Why Christianity?

    Post  Jordyn on Mon May 28, 2012 1:08 pm

    Thanks for posting that!

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